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That's Better Yummy mummy
A fast acting body sculpting and anti-orange peel effect gel. Daily use helps to reduce lipid stock and stimulate collagen production for firmer skin appearance. Glaucium Flavum, Euglena Gracilis stimulate tissue drainage, to to..
20.50€ 17.43€
Ex Tax: 14.17€
Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulitis Treatment in Single-Dose Sachets x30
55.01€ 38.50€
Ex Tax: 31.30€
That's Better Pin up girl
High performance firming bust gel. This revolutionary product with daily use promotes a more toned and firm bust. Biobustyl® is an active ingredient rich in collagen and elastin lipopeptides that activate the cells metabolism and co..
17.99€ 15.30€
Ex Tax: 12.44€
Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulitis Treatment 150ml
39.00€ 27.31€
Ex Tax: 22.20€
Somatoline Cosmetic Intensive Weight Loss Over Night, 400ml
49.50€ 34.65€
Ex Tax: 28.17€
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Darphin Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream 200ml
42.00€ 23.10€
Ex Tax: 18.78€
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Somatoline Cosmetic Total Body Gel for Weight Loss, 200ml
37.61€ 26.33€
Ex Tax: 21.41€
Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming Intensive Night 10, 250ml
Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming Intensive Night 10.Weakens 2,5 cm up to only 10 * nights during sleep. The Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming Treatment Intensive Night 10 exploits the susceptibility of the skin during the night and helps combat localized..
33.00€ 23.10€
Ex Tax: 18.78€
SKINCODE Cellular Total Shape Control 150ml
This light, cooling, creamy gel is designed to help keep legs and body in perfect shape and condition. It is formulated with caffeine, to help detoxify the tissues and enriched with menthol and peppermint to help improve micro-circulation and refr..
29.31€ 21.98€
Ex Tax: 17.87€
Somatoline Intensive Treatment Resistant Areas 100ml (HALF PRICE)
Somatoline Intensive Treatment Resistant Areas 100ml is a concentrated liporeducer serum, formulated to act on fat deposits of resistant areas : arm, hips, thighs, knees.   This serum contains a specific complex, the Phytotechslim-compl..
35.01€ 17.50€
Ex Tax: 14.23€
Elancyl Creme Fermete corps 200ml
Give your skin the complete answer for firming and elasticity! With the Creme Fermeté Corps it totally rebuilds your skin.   Thanks to a unique group of effective ingredients, this multipurpose product with integrated action, smoot..
25.61€ 19.21€
Ex Tax: 15.62€
Somatoline cosmetic 7 nights Intensive Slimming 250ml
Intensive slimming 7 Nights The first results are reduced to 1, 7cm in just seven nights! Overly intensive treatment slimming rapid action. The slimming product's ability Somatoline cosmetic 7 nights doubled after one month !! New enhan..
33.00€ 23.10€
Ex Tax: 18.78€
ELANCYL Cellu/Reverse 14 days Spécial Ventre-Taille 75ml
27.00€ 20.25€
Ex Tax: 16.46€
Skincode Exclusive Cellular body firming mousse
This luxurious, silky mousse (200ml) sculpts your body bringing your skin a remarkable increase in firmness, elasticity and smoothness. Cellular body firming mousse contains a cutting-edge ingredient: Vexel, recognised for its exceptional firmin..
38.75€ 29.06€
Ex Tax: 23.63€
 ELANCYL Cellu Slim 200ml
37.99€ 28.50€
Ex Tax: 23.17€
24.00€ 16.80€
Ex Tax: 13.66€
Somatoline Cosmetic Man Tummy and Abdomen Intensive Night Treatment
    Τhe Tummy and Abdomen Intensive Night Treatment is an innovative cosmetic cream specifically studied for fighting the typical men adiposity localized on the waist area: tummy and love handles. Its formula is studied to exploi..
39.51€ 27.65€
Ex Tax: 22.48€
That's Better Crème de la crème
Extra firming and hydrating body cream, for instant results. This luxuriously scented cream, packed with antioxidants, is light on skin yet rich in hydration. Avocado oil and Shea Butter protects extremely dry skin from de..
22.50€ 19.13€
Ex Tax: 15.55€
Somatoline Cosmetic Man Abdominal Top Definition Treatment
    The Abdominal Top Definition Treatment is an innovative cosmetic gel-cream studied for reducing the localized fat deposits and for toning the abdominal area of men. This helps revealing the subcutaneous muscle ban..
42.00€ 29.41€
Ex Tax: 23.91€

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